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EDGE Friedrichspark: Perfecting Work-Life Balance.

Nestled in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin—a neighborhood celebrated for its vibrancy and dynamic lifestyle—EDGE Friedrichspark emerges as a beacon of work-life harmony. Our teaser marketing video was meticulously designed to spark early interest in this pioneering, community-campus-like, carbon-neutral, and ESG-approved work and living space. It champions the ethos of leisure as a lifestyle, not merely an afterthought.

  • Concept & Positioning
  • Art Direction & Concepting
  • Styling & Set Design
  • Video & Photography
  • Post Production
  • Graphic Design


Capturing the lives of three Friedrichshain residents, we showcased the seamless transition from work to leisure, day to night, illustrating a lifestyle where living takes precedence over working. The visual concept cleverly employs a split screen to perfectly transition between work and life, day and night, underscoring the balance EDGE Friedrichspark promises.