from real to surreal

Your Plate’s Impact on Our World: The Harmony of Vegan Choices and the Environment

In our artistic journey with New Roots, we turned an everyday meal into an extraordinary vision. We started with real ingredients, conceiving a unique concept, crafting a careful styling, and finally shooting a vibrant image of vegan cheese and vegetables. From there, we unleashed the power of advanced editing softwares and AI to transform this tangible photo into a series of awe-inspiring, dreamlike landscapes.

Each of these extraordinary worlds is an imaginative interpretation of the initial edible composition, displaying our knack for weaving together art and technology in unexpected ways.

This project goes beyond aesthetics, highlighting the harmonious integration of vegan choices into our everyday environments. Each transformed landscape serves as a reminder of the positive footprint our dietary choices can have on diverse ecosystems. Through these striking visuals, we aren't just creating art, we're stimulating discourse about the symbiotic relationship between veganism and the wellbeing of our planet.

  • Art Direction & Concepting
  • Editing & AI Software
  • Photography & Post-Production