small steps to big changes

Pause, Reflect & Improve with Vitadio

Navigating life's whirlwind, especially with Type 2 diabetes, demands more than just juggling—it requires a moment to pause, reflect, and take control. Our latest campaign for Vitadio, spanning TV, radio, print, digital, and beyond, showcases exactly that across all of Germany. Through vivid contrasts in our visual storytelling—calm greens within the app against the chaotic reds and yellows of life—we highlight Vitadio's role as a serene guide amidst the storm.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction & Concepting
  • Styling & Set Design
  • Video & Photography
  • Post Production & Animation
  • Radio Ad Creation
  • Graphic Design & Print Design
  • Digital Campaign

Visual Concept

Life's fast pace meets a moment of clarity with Vitadio. Inside the app, tranquility reigns; outside, the world blurs with speed. This stark visual dichotomy underlines the app's essence: a haven of health and mindfulness in a hectic world. We've split the screen into two worlds—inside and outside the app—to emphasize this contrast.

Campaign Core

Vitadio stands as a life optimizer, making daily diabetes management not just simple but empowering. Our campaign brings to life real scenarios from our target audience, illustrating how small, proactive steps lead to significant health improvements.