small but powerful.

Making light of a hard-to-stomach message using a communications strategy that was informative, engaging and... poked a little fun at the subject matter.
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turning disgust into desire.
Did you know that eating insects could solve many of the world's problems? INSNACK knows. But how do you communicate the benefits of a product that the idea of eating is enough to make the vast majority of the populace gag, retch, run to the toilet?  
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insnack's book by achso creative agency
We produced a range of informative online and print materials targeted at those groups who would be able to see past the yucky notion of eating bugs and realise the true benefits - the activist types, the early adopters, the 'my body is a temple' supplement-poppers. The aim of these communications was to both spread the word, whilst also normalising the idea of eating insects through well-planned exposure. 
We also set INSNACK CEO Marc up to be the smiling face of insect eating, equipped with a uniform, an informative, episodic YouTube channel and a branded backdrop for his products during B2B and B2C events. 
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product showcase with rebranding design in berlin
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