beat the heat with your fingertip

Imagine this: You’re in a Berlin park, the sun is shining, you're parched, and too comfortable to move. That’s where our summer collaboration with Gorilass comes in.

We partnered with Gorilass, the go-to grocery delivery app, to deliver the perfect park cocktail right to your blanket. No more trudging through the park – just tap your app and relax. And don't worry, we haven't forgotten the snacks.

Our creative team crafted a vibrant stop-motion video showcasing a refreshing cocktail recipe using Gorilass products. From the clinking ice to the splash of juice, every detail is styled to perfection.

As a farewell collaboration with Gorilass before they closed, this project made our partnership unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression with refreshing creativity and delightful experiences.

Client: Gorillas

Services: Art direction / Styling / Photography & Videography / Stop Motion Animation