from berlin with love: sip the essence of berlin

We had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Berliner Brandstifter, a Berlin-based alcohol brand, to create a stunning summer visual campaign for their unique spirits.

For this summer shoot, we brought Berlin’s vibrant energy into our studio, using reflections and creative lighting to highlight each spirit’s unique character.

• Red Gin: Surrounded by lush roses, we crafted a Gin Sour to match its floral notes and artistic flair.

• Dark Gin: Set against a beach backdrop with sand and colorful mini umbrellas, we paired it with a refreshing Gin Tonic.

• Whiskey Single Malt: Displayed on green grass with daisies, served clean with dry orange and ice to highlight its smooth elegance.

Our team highlighted the distinct character of each spirit, turning the shoot into a visual narrative that celebrates Berliner Brandstifter’s dedication to quality and innovation.

Dive into our vibrant imagery and experience the essence of Berlin in every bottle.

Client: berliner brandstifter

Services: Art direction / Styling / Photography & Videography / Stop Motion Animation